If work is worth producing, it’s worth backing up.

Human error and hardware failure have always been good reasons to take regular backups and that means an automated routine with copies of your data being removed from site. Gumba IT recommends a variety of backup solutions depending on the needs of your business. We help customers to safeguard their data using media such as external hard drives or by streaming files to servers on remote sites. Our online backup service automates a nightly backup of your work to cloud-based servers from where a restore can be quickly arranged, should the need arise.

Planning for a worst case scenario

Whilst backup routines can form a part of your business continuity plan, other aspects of your operation also need to be examined such as hardware redundancy, secondary internet connections, the ability to divert incoming calls, remote working solutions and alternative premises from which your business may need to operate.

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  • Disaster recovery

Nightly Data Backups.

If you are running a nightly backup, ask yourself when was the last time it was tested? Gumba IT will perform sample restores for contracted support clients to ensure your critical files are there when you need them. We will also review your disaster recovery plan at regular intervals.