We specialise in all aspects of Corporate Identity.

Your Corporate Identity should act as an inanimate salesman, communicate on behalf of your business. A Corporate Identity can make a huge difference to the public perception of a company or organisation. After all, a Corporate Identity that looks badly considered may give an indication of similar characteristics within the company.

A good identity should reflect a distinctive persona, be it strong, corporate, subtle or functional. Gumba IT will always strive to get a result that imbues all the necessary qualities, right down to the paper it is printed on. Gumba designs beautiful, Company Profiles, striking adverts, eye-grabbing flyers, posters that pop, exciting Powerpoint presentations and dynamic lightweight digital advertising campaigns – always backed by flexible and insightful support.

Corporate Identity

We believe that true craftsmanship is when ‘design’ and ‘build’ work together, not one in front of the other.

  • Illustration
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery Design
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Print Ads / Magazine
  • Banners | Posters
  • Company Profiles / Plans
  • Company products
  • & any artwork you can think of

Logo Development

t’s important to understand that a logo on its own is not a brand identity, just part of it. However when all the pieces of your identity come together, each piece should play it’s part to convey; Who your are, What you do & How you do it. All of which needs to convince a potential client or customer that they simply must work with you or purchase your product. It should leave them wanting more!

  • Personal Brands
  • Celebrities
  • Companies
  • Organisations
  • Products




Receive clients brief, understand it and complete a questionnaire.

Research & Strategy


Research the industry, competitors, history. Define the new brand strategy.



Let the creative juices flow! Here the corporate brand’s identity is created.



Rinse and repeat until a shortlist of concepts have been selected.



Present the shortlisted work to the client. Revise as required.

Delivery & Support


Deliver files, style guide and provide support for building their brand.

Creating WorldClass, Brand Identities.

We help our clients tailor and deliver their most important messages to their customers through innovative thinking, use of advanced graphic design technology, and of course by utilising the skills of our in-house talented graphic designers. We also combine the latest and most advanced graphic design technology with proven marketing strategies, to make your business surpass the competition.